Company Class
Length – 1 hour

Join Gary Clarke Company Associate Alistair Goldsmith as he takes you through a company warm up including a collection of stretches and physical exercises.

Suitable for anyone interested in contemporary dance aged 12 +

Wasteland Workouts
Length – 1 hour

Join individual members of Gary Clarke Company as they take you though daily physical workouts and share their individual skills and movement styles. Sessions include Yoga, Breakin’, Improvisation, Keep Fit and Voguing.

Suitable for anyone interested in physical activity aged 12 +

Wasteland Workshops
Length – 1 hour

Join Artistic Director Gary Clarke and members of Gary Clarke Company in a series of Wasteland workshops. These special on-line workshops include an exclusive introduction to Wasteland from choreographer Gary Clarke, physical warm ups, learning selected repertoire from the show and a selection of creative tasks to do at home.

Suitable for anyone interested in dance and creativity aged 12 +

Bite Size – Rave @ Home!

Length – 30 minutes

Do you remember the 90’s? Do you want to relive your rave days? Join members of Gary Clarke Company as they lead you through a rave warm up and a step by step guide into some of Wasteland’s electric rave choreography!

Suitable for anyone interested in learning choreography from the show

Community Warm Up
Length – 45 minutes

Community engagement is a large part of Gary Clarke Company’s work. Join Artistic Director Gary Clarke as he leads you through the ‘community cast’ warm up. A basic, fun and physical warm up to get the body moving and very suitable for non dancers of all ages.

Live Q&A with Gary Clarke
Length – 1 hour

Gary Clarke will be hosting a LIVE Q&A session for people to ask open questions during these challenging times. These questions can be related to the dance industry, dance training, dance as a career, how to create work, managing projects, life as an artist or life in general!

Snap Shot!

Have fun with our weekly Snap Shot challenge. Let us know your favourite rave tunes, dig out your rave gear, dress up 90’s style, learn some of the moves from the show in our Bite Size and send us a Snap Shot!

Suitable for all ages and abilities

In Conversation
Length – 1 hour

A selection of on-line LIVE conversations with Artistic Director Gary Clarke and invited speakers including some of the UK’s leading dance makers. Gary and guest invite the public to ask questions and add to the conversation! Each conversation will have a specific talking point or theme. Speakers include Luca Silvestrini from the acclaimed Protein, Robby Graham from Southpaw Dance Company, Rhiannon Faith from Rhiannon Faith Company, Eleanor Perry & Daniel Hay Gordon from the award-winning Thick & Tight and iconic choreographer and director Holly Blakey.

Length – Various

Listen to our archived interviews at HDK Associates with Artistic Director Gary Clarke and members of the company talking about ‘Wasteland’ the touring show.

Length – 15 minutes

Hear stories from members of Gary Clarke Company, The Pit Men Singers and Brass Bands about their reflections of being on the road with Gary Clarke Company and Wasteland

Suitable for all

Pit Men Sing Along
Lyrics can be found and downloaded here.
Length – 10 minutes

Join in a sing song with our Musical Director Steve Roberts and our amazing community Pit Men Singers. Sing along to some of the most well known miners hymns and choir classics including ‘Gresford’ and ‘Deep Harmony’.

Suitable for all