Delve deeper into Gary Clarke Company’s Wasteland at our exclusive community roadshows

“For our generation, the future was very bleak with very little prospect. The rave culture gave many of us the opportunity to escape these grim and grey realities and into a new world of music and dance where we could express our inner feelings, desires and frustrations. My passion for dance grew from this discovery.” GARY CLARKE

Wasteland roadshows offer an exclusive opportunity for communities to meet and personally engage with Artistic Director Gary Clarke in an intimate and conversational environment. Participants learn more about the production of Wasteland, including the intricate creative processes behind making it, the motivation to create it and the people and elements involved. Gary will provide rare access to his research and source material including choreographic notebooks and story boards. These unique and special events are an opportunity for audiences to gain an up-close and personal experience with one the UK’s leading contemporary dance artists as he tours his next major work nationwide.

Upcoming roadshows

Upcoming roadshows

We currently have no upcoming roadshows.

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